Programs that Help

Learn about CTIA’s initiatives, current regulations and other programs.

Today’s kids are a technology savvy generation who are adopting and using mobile technologies at a spectacularly fast rate. These new devices and services have quickly and seamlessly integrated into their everyday lives even as new wireless technology continues to rapidly evolve.

Considering the speed of kids’ adoption and introduction of new wireless products and services, it’s important that the wireless industry has the flexibility needed to quickly address potential issues. By having a light regulatory touch, the wireless industry is able to develop and respond to matters as quickly as they develop.

At the same time, policymakers have an important role to play. For example, federal laws both limit the collection of children’s personal information online and require schools that offer electronic tools use parental management tools.

In addition to complying with these laws and rules, the wireless industry has taken a number of voluntary steps to ensure parents have the tools and information needed to help keep their kids safe and responsible wireless users in both the online and real worlds.

CTIA and its member companies have made it a priority to explain the policies, whether it’s voluntary or regulatory, to parents so they know what’s available to help them keep their kids safe and responsible users of their wireless devices.