Family Rules Template

To help each family make its own choice about the age-appropriateness of wireless services and devices and acceptable wireless behavior, CTIA and its member companies have developed an example of a pledge for families.  We encourage parents and kids to modify it according to their families’ unique needs. 

 I, _________________________________________, promise I will:
                     (Kid’s Name)

  • NEVER use my phone to harm others or put myself at risk by taking or sending inappropriate, aggressive or threatening text messages, social networking messages, photos or videos.
  • NEVER give out personal information (including phone number, home address, email address, turn on location based services or credit card number) to unknown people, applications or websites without a parent’s permission.
  • NEVER download, subscribe, buy or add anything for my phone without a parent’s permission.
  • NEVER disable the parental control features on my device, but I MAY ask a parent’s permission to use something blocked by a parental control feature.
  • ALWAYS follow my school’s rules on wireless use.
  • ALWAYS remind a driver to not text when s/he is driving a car.
  • ALWAYS answer if my parent(s) call or text me and respond as soon as safely possible.
  • ALWAYS stay within my device’s voice, text and data usage plan and if I think I may go over the limits, I will tell my parent(s).
  • ALWAYS ask my parents if I have a question about whether I can do something new on my phone and use common sense when I use my wireless device.

I understand that there will be consequences if any of these rules are broken. 
If I ever receive content (texts, pictures or video) on my phone that I think may be inappropriate, I will tell my parent(s) immediately. In exchange, my parent(s) will not take away my phone and we will work together to discuss an appropriate response.

On ______________________________, _______________________________ and
                       (Date)                                                      (Kid’s Name)

_____________________________________ and _______________________________
       (Parent/Legal Guardian Name)                                (Parent/Legal Guardian Name)

have discussed and understand these rules and agree to follow them. 

To print a PDF version of the family rules, please click here.