Many wireless service providers offer parental control features, filters and educational information that allow parents to manage kids’ wireless Internet access, application downloads, text messages and password-protected features. For example, wireless service providers offer location based services (LBS) that tell parents how, where and when kids are traveling (e.g., to and from school or a friend’s house).

To help parents quickly find these kinds of empowering tools, programs and services, CTIA has listed its member companies’ offerings in alphabetical order.

In addition, CTIA has developed icons that identify a particular service offering and how it may help parents manage their kids’ wireless usage. Remember, each member company’s offerings are unique so parents should contact the company directly to discuss specific services, features or offerings.


  • Block calls and text messages from specific or unknown phone numbers
  • Limit use of voice minutes, text messages and data
  • Limit purchases of music, video, premium texts, apps and in-app purchases

Calculator Calculator  

  • Determine how much data kids need before choosing wireless data plans

Time Time 

  • Manage when kids can use wireless during the day (e.g. school hours, homework time, after bedtime, etc.)

Content Filters Content Filters 

  • Restrict ability to use wireless for age-appropriate websites, videos and apps based on available information or ratings

Monitor Monitor 

  • Alerts account holder of calls, texts, e-mails and downloads sent or received on a wireless device

Privacy and Security Privacy & Security 

  • Passwords protect unauthorized people from accessing personal information on the wireless device
  • Passwords restrict access to certain features, such as location based services and app downloads
  • Prevent SPAM, spyware, viruses and malware and back up personal data, such as phone numbers
  • Family location services alert parents to their kids’ locations

Safe Driving Safe Driving 

  • Promotes safe driving including restricting texting while driving with a service or app

Educational Educational 

  • Before kids get cellphones, parents should take steps to ensure their kids are responsible wireless users:
    • Rate content or applications to help parents manage age-appropriate wireless usage
    • Additional resources or partnerships for parents to learn about kids wireless usage issues

Before the kids get their cellphones, parents want to know their kids are being responsible wireless users. How? CTIA and its members have identified three steps:

  1. Learn
  2. Use
  3. Maintain

CTIA Member Companies’ Parental Controls, Features and Resources