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Here are some of the wireless usage tips and resources that others have shared. If you have a tip, please send us an email so we can post it.

  • In keeping with the "Nothing good happens after midnight" idea, we disconnect the internet at bedtime. - Sharon (KY)
  • Every year, before my kids start school, we sit down and take a look at the family rules on wireless usage. Most of the time, the rules don't change, but when my 15 year old got his learners permit, it became vital that we discussed the rules on cell phones and driving. - Anonymous
  • Technology can give parents a big window into our kids’ lives, but we should tell our kids if we are going to use technology to monitor who they are talking to and where they are going online. That way parents can feel comfortable talking to kids if we see something we don’t like. – Linda (MD)
  • Kid’s today know so much about the technology. Before signing up for a new service plan, I ask my kids how many texts and how much data they need. That way we all agree on the limits. – Steve (NJ)
  • In my family, we use text messaging to keep in touch. My kids text me before they leave a friend’s house or hockey practice. That way I know when they aren’t where they are supposed to be. - Lori (NJ)
  • Our family uses location services to “check in” wherever we are. It really helps when my kids don’t answer their phone or text me back. We trust our kids, but why not use technology for peace of mind and safety? - Lisa (NY)
  • I got my 11 year old daughter a cell phone because it seems that everyone around her has one, but we talked about being careful before I gave the cell phone to her. She knows not to answer unknown numbers, give out personal information over text and turns off the phone before bedtime. – Amy (DC)
  • Since all the passwords are tied to my accounts, my kids can’t download music, apps or anything else without my permission. – Ira (MD)
  • Do you have a tip to share about managing kids’ wireless usage? Submit a Tip to Growing Wireless to help other parents learn what to do (or what to avoid).
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