Programas de seguridad de móvil

In addition to Growing Wireless, there are other organizations and experts that offer useful information on wireless safety for kids and families. Here are some of those websites:

  • Children’s Advertising Review Board (CARU) is an investigative arm of the U.S. advertising industry’s self-regulatory system which addresses the advertising of products and services directed at children under 12. CARU reviews, evaluates and sets guidelines for child-directed advertising in all media primarily directed to children.
  • Common Sense Media  is a non-profit organization which rates and reviews movies, TV shows, songs, books, video games, wireless applications and websites according to developmental criteria recommendations from some of the nation's leading authorities.
  • Connect Safely is a non-profit interactive forum and resource center with tips and videos, plus a place to ask questions, comment on issues and discuss youth online safety with other parents, teens and experts.
  • Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) is an international non-profit membership organization dedicated to working to develop a safer Internet through four pillars: events, public policy, technology and education.
  • iKeepSafe - The Internet Keep Safe Coalition is a nonprofit international alliance of policy leaders, educators, law enforcement members, technology experts, public health experts and advocates. iKeepSafe tracks global trends and issues surrounding digitally connected products and their affect on children. This research drives the continuous creation of positive resources for parents, educators and policymakers who teach youths how to use new media devices and platforms in safe and healthy ways.
  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) NetSmartz is an online safety information for teens, parents and educators from NCMEC.
  • National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) mission is to be the nation's leader in helping people keep themselves, their families and their communities safe from crime.  Founded in 1982, NCPC manages the National Citizens’ Crime Prevention Campaign, McGruff the Crime Dog and administers the Crime Prevention Coalition of America.
  • OnGuard Online is a coalition of U.S. government agencies (including FTC, FCC, DOJ, DHS, IRS, DOC, SEC) and the technology industry that have created Net Cetera as an online safety guidebook for parents that helps them communicate with their children about using mobile phones safely and responsibly.
  • That’s Not Cool is a joint program developed by the Family Violence Prevention Fund, The Ad Council and the Office on Violence Against Women, this website tells teens that when someone is pressuring or disrespecting them via technology, that’s not cool.
  • WiredSafety.Org is a national non-profit organization and network of volunteers that provides one-to-one help, extensive information, and education to cyberspace users of all ages on a myriad of Internet and interactive technology safety, privacy and security issues.
  • Wireless Amber Alerts is a voluntary partnership between The Wireless Foundation, the membership of CTIA and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to deliver AMBER Alerts to wireless phones. Visit the Wireless Foundation’s site here to sign up or get more information.