Know the Issues

Understand the main issues that children face when using wireless devices and how to respond.

Wireless technology is changing the way kids communicate, learn and play. Today’s tech savvy generation quickly discovers and enjoys using mobile devices, such as cellphones, smartphones and tablets. It is important that parents understand what wireless services and products are available so they can help kids use them appropriately.   

Together with parents, CTIA and its members want kids to be responsible wireless consumers. Here are the wireless industry’s tips for parents on important topics and how to teach kids to be responsible mobile users:


Cyberbullying image

Learn what cyberbullying means, how it affects kids, what parents can do to help prevent it and what to do if a kid is a victim or perpetrator.

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Learn how to identify sexting, how to talk to kids about it, what parents can do to help prevent sexting and what to do if a kid is a victim.

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Learn what privacy means for wireless services and devices and what parents can do to help protect kids' personal information.

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Dollars & Sense

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Learn what to watch for when purchasing wireless products and services for kids and how to educate your kids so they use wireless appropriately.

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